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i've put so much bad in here, it's time for something good.

i've missed the me of a couple of years ago. i think i was stronger then, more confident. i knew what i cared about and that took priority. somehow i lost a significant part of that, and i'm not sure how or why. i just know that i'm really glad to be getting it back again, day by day.

promising myself that i'll never forget that i'm pretty great ever again. and i don't have the time or energy for whatever tries to tell me different.

i am this cat! ...right until the very end.
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Sometimes my moods change like a fever breaking. But I'll take it.


Dec. 31st, 2012 04:11 pm
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2012 wasn't really what I'd call a good year. I lost a member of my family and my mind. I got most of the latter back. I'm still not entirely sure what 2013 holds in store for me. But that's kind of the nature of life, I guess.

My resolutions are simple:

1. Read more.
2. Move more.

As for rp, just this one thing:

Don't think so much about approval or exclusion. Instead, put that energy towards getting better at what I do, and giving better to the ones I love.
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holiday sadness.

i'm sad because i have to go back to work tomorrow. but at the same time, i'm looking forward to the normalcy. i would kind of like to get out for a couple of hours, but there is literally nowhere to go. there's nothing on at the movies that i really want to see.

everything is just too quiet for me right now. and i normally don't complain about that.
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oh my god. if gas wasn't so expensive, i would've got in my car and drove fifty miles just to punch some woman in the throat.
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Today is a breathe sort of day. But I plan on walking like fifty miles after work.

Tomorrow will be a very long day, and I'm sure I'll be exhausted by the end of it, but then it's a three day weekend and I refuse to let it be ruined.

It's also a Blue Moon. Maybe something interesting will happen? Hope springs.
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I took a deep breath when I was locking up at work today, and I swear it felt like the first breath I'd taken in a solid week. I've not felt that miserable for that long in...forever.

It makes me appreciate everything today. Just everything. It was a long day at work and I'm kinda tired, but still. It just feels good to feel more like myself again.
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i hate spring.

so much.
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My boss's mom, the owner of the company is at work today. I knew she would be. The weather's just been too nice and she hasn't been out here forever.

The woman just sucks everything good out of the room. And she wonders why if people are around, they scatter when she comes out here.

EDIT: She only stayed like an hour. There's hope for the day yet.
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Why does my mother insist on dragging me out of the house today. This can only end in blood and tears.
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That's it, I'm writing a G-rated Merlin and derp!Arthur fic.
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...How do I even make a post about myself anymore? I just don't know.

I should probably check my phone for missed calls/voicemails, but I really don't want to. Considering that this is the weekend before my birthday, chances of getting to be antisocial this weekend are slim to none.

Have to come in to work early tomorrow, which is fine. Hopefully it will be a quiet Friday, and I've been sleeping too much the past couple of days anyway.


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