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it's a damn shame that as much money as the company actually brings in, we're having financial problems. the state is changing how it pays us, which means instead of getting the majority of our money on the first few days of the month, we'll be getting it in the middle. which means payroll tomorrow doesn't have that much to back it up.

and my boss talks about laying people off and cutting my hours a little. how about cutting yourself. you have a six figure job, plus the business pays for all your gasoline, your family's cell phones, and your truck insurance. on top of that, you average 12-15 hours a week actually at work. most of the time you dodge calls or have me make the ones you don't have the balls to make. which is almost all of them.

if he tries to cut my hours, he'll just have to lay me off too. i'll draw unemployment while i look for something else. because not patting myself on the back, i run that show. my job has perks, and that's why i put up with the headaches, but if i walk out, i'm taking all of those little things that i did on my own that would make it that much easier for him. figure it out for your fucking self.

there is so much waste because of him. why is your wife getting a check when she doesn't work there? when did you suddenly start getting paid 1100 more per pay pd? why is your daughter getting a check when she's a grown ass woman with a good job and just got her real estate license.

i know how to tighten things up, but it'll piss off half the company when i tell them how if we have this meeting. and i really don't care.
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